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Enneagram and Quantum Energy coaching for people who are ready to move beyond societal expectations and constructs to find what makes them feel alive again - in business, relationships, leadership and life. 

Life Endeavor

Purpose = To Experience Life


Everyone's sole purpose in these earthly bodies is to experience life. The life experience is unique to each of us. It is our job to seek out what makes us feel alive, and continue making choices that deliver upon this. If we thoughtfully choose our paths according to what makes us feel alive, we will find success. The first step to feeling alive is getting back to who we truly are - the innocent child unaffected or influenced by the constructs of society. 

This is the greatest journey of our life - the path back to true consciousness.

My mission is to help people tap back into that which makes them feel alive, and to dismantle the constructs put in place by societal expectations and external definitions of success. We will first rediscover who we truly are utilizing the sacred tool, the Enneagram. Next, we will work with Quantum Energy to start rebuilding the life we desire.

This is the key to shifting into the space of delivering long term joyful success and satisfaction to our businesses and lives. 



Wellison Method, Part 1: 

The Enneagram


The first step of the Wellison Method(TM) is to conduct self discovery using the Enneagram.  The Enneagram is an ancient secular tool designed to help the individual understand his or her personality: why we do the things we do, make the choices we make, and how to course correct to live our best lives in a mindful and passionate way for self and others. Once we understand our Enneagram archetype, we begin to disarm our programmed defense mechanisms, and open up to healing. In addition, it deeply strengthens our self-awareness and empathy for others. It is a wonderful way to develop leadership, improve relationships and find a better, more peaceful way to operate in the day to day.


Please note, often clients have been exposed to the Enneagram and may know their types or have test results that tell them they're a certain type. Wellison Enterprises does not endorse testing to discover one's type because Enneagram Tests are on average, only 50% accurate. Mistyping can be ineffective, unproductive and unhealthy. If a client arrives knowing their type, we will conduct a special intake session to confirm they're on the right journey, and what the next steps are to use this work to get to part two of the Wellison Method(TM), the Quantum Energy work.

The Wellison Method(TM) offers an efficient and effective way to truly understand all types of the Enneagram, and how to arrive at one's type doing the work, getting introspective, and feeling good about the results. 



Wellison Method, Part 2: 

Quantum Energy Work

So you've done the Enneagram work and you're ready for more! 

What's next?

It's time to serve your purpose of experiencing life! The second phase of the Wellison Method(TM) is to identify your dreams and vision for your life. Then we will work on Quantum Energy manifesting practices to get your compass adjusted so not only are you're going in the direction of your dreams, but you're achieving them and thriving! 

Ready to Get Started?




Meet Whitney Ellison

Whitney Ellison

Founder, Wellison Enterprises

Whitney Ellison is a certified Coach in Quantum Energy, specifically the 7 Universal Laws, though Christy Whitman's Quantum Success Academy. She is also actively completing coursework to get her Practitioner certification through Helen Palmer's Narrative Enneagram Program. She has been coaching Enneagram and Quantum Energy for several years. Her specialty is putting her Big Energy behind really seeing her clients, helping them find clarity, and holding space for their vision until they can see it and arrive to it for themselves.

Whitney has a Bachelor in Arts from the University of Oklahoma, and a Juris Doctorate from the University of Cincinnati College of Law. She is actively licensed to practice law in the state of Ohio. Whitney also has an extensive successful career in sales, winning numerous awards during her time at Procter & Gamble, as well as being the Vice-President of Sales at Steinhauser, a leading woman-owned print manufacturer, which is now seeing 40+% growth rates, month over month. 


She also has a great Enneagram Mom Interview series on her Instagram handle, @wellisonenterprises, as well as an Enneagram Fashion Small Business series in collaboration with Leeta Ruth Boutique, an Enneagram Eats series with special guests including In the Curious Kitchen, and an Enneagram Fit workout series in collaboration with Fit Philosophie, sponsored by Crunchmaster and presented by Wise Wellness Guild. 

Outside of work, Whitney is a voracious reader and exercise enthusiast, and she and her husband Sam are very busy raising their 3 magnificent children. 


Coaching + Workshop Clients


What People Have to Say







Kim Powers Hoyt


I have worked with Whitney in both a personal advising capacity and in coordinating group workshops. Whitney has been instrumental in helping me see my own unique personal value, capitalize on my strengths, and streamline and focus my efforts in building my own business. 

Rachel DesRochers


Whitney absolutely wowed us at an Enneagram workshop she gave for my Grateful Gathering sessions. The feedback from the event was great and everyone asked to gather again! I encourage you to listen to what she has to share, and take away some key learnings that will help you enhance your day to day life!

MK Hennigan


Whitney is a natural teacher. She is engaging and full of energy. Her passion about the subject is evident and makes attending her class so enjoyable. I look forward to taking  more classes in the future.

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