The Enneagram is an ancient secular tool designed to help the individual understand his or her personality: why we do the things we do, make the choices we make, and how to course correct to live our best lives in a mindful and passionate way for self and others. Once we understand our Enneagram archetype, we begin to disarm our programmed defense mechanisms, and open up to healing. In addition, it deeply strengthens our self-awareness and empathy for others. It is a wonderful way to develop leadership, improve relationships and find a better, more peaceful way to operate in the day to day.


Please note, often clients have been exposed to the Enneagram and may know their types or have test results that tell them they're a certain type. Wellison Enterprises does not endorse testing to discover one's type because Enneagram Tests are on average, only 54% accurate and rarely give a holistic understanding of the Enneagram and all 9 types. Mistyping can be ineffective, unproductive and unhealthy. We encourage a holistic understanding of the Enneagram before typing oneself.


If a client arrives knowing their type, a special intake session may be conducted to confirm they've correctly identified their type, so they have all the tools and support in place from our team, for their journey.

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