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Beauty Among the Fringe

Yesterday my daughter Eve and I spent the day together in the dreamy setting of the Two Little Buds flower farm. We were outside with 4 glorious farm bulldogs (of the French and English varieties) and in the company of women.

We were given permission to select flowers from the tarped greenhouse for our bouquets. We gathered our pruning shears and headed in.

All of the women, including myself, were focused on the flowers intentionally planted and sprouting within the rows in the greenhouse.

“Mommy,” said Eve as she tugged my sleeve, “can I cut some of those?”

She was pointing to the side of the tented greenhouse where the plastic tarp had been rolled up to reveal the grassy fringe surrounding the parameter. There among the fringe were the prettiest and most vibrant of the flowers - escapees of the strategic rows structured to be the ones to be picked.

“Ooh yes!” I exclaimed, delighted at what only a child’s eyes could catch.

By the time we had selected our flowers, other women had joined us on the fringe, seeing what we were seeing.

There is a lesson in there somewhere. I’m sure of it.

It seems, only a child’s eyes can catch these things. That’s why I’m readjusting my lenses to make sure that 9 year old Whitney is checking in with 39 year old Whitney’s conditioned adult eyes.

I don’t want to miss out on the beauty among the fringe. ❤️

Thanks to @wise_wellness_guild, @tashapinelophoto (pics to come!) and @twolittlebuds for a fantastic Saturday.

📸 @drsamanthatmj

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