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Enneagram Type 1

Enneagram 1s- Reformers. Perfectionists. 1s’ primary motivation is to be good and right. They are honest, dependable and have a lot of common sense. They deeply desire to right things they perceive as wrong. They operate off of integrity and are naturals at self control and discipline. You want someone guaranteed to be responsible? A 1 is ideal. They are overly critical of themselves and others.

In childhood, the 1s likely grew up either in a very strict and rigid environment where everything was extremely disciplined, controlled and there was a certain way things were done, with aggressive leadership and little room for error. Alternatively, 1s grew up in an environment of complete chaos, where the only thing they could control was their person, and they so desired for order and correctness, that they became rigid with themselves so that they would not present as a reflection of their chaotic home-life, although they carried and harbored the shame of it internally, which led to their loud inner critic.

Wing of 9 (the Mediator/Peacekeeper) creates a strong Idealist, and Wing of 2 (the Giver/Helper) creates a strong Advocate. 1s are members of the Body Center of Intelligence (aka the Gut Triad), meaning their responses and decision making comes more instinctually to them (as opposed to emotionally [Heart] or thoughtfully [Head]). In stress, 1s lean into 4 (Romantic/Individualist) and can become melancholy or depressed, the voice of their inner critic overtaking their minds. In support, 1s lean into 7 (the Epicure/Enthusiast) and are more self-accepting, spontaneous and fun- letting go of the high expectations they set for themselves and others.

Common occupations of Enneagram 1s include (but are not limited to) Mathematicians, Police Officers, High School Teachers, Counselors, Politicians, Social Workers, Journalists, Analysts, Statisticians, Engineers, Doctors, Lawyers or Judges. Quite the spread! Remember - this is the tip of the iceberg, folks. I love me some Enneagram 1s. Make sure to remind them that they are perfectly imperfect and seen and loved for exactly who they are.

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