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Enneagram Type 6

Enneagram 6s - Loyalists. Questioners. 6s’ primary motivation is to be secure. As stated in the name, this is the most loyal type on the enneagram. They are faithful to their people, and extremely dependable. In good health, they respond in a measured way. They listen well, and are excellent at following directions. When 6s are self aware, they have an amazing sense of humor, recognizing their faults and being self deprecating in a charming way. Fear has a strong presence with the 6.

They can have a hard time trusting their environment and often need reassurance from others. They will be one of the first to play devils advocate- not to be argumentative, but so they fully understand all potential results of a situation. 6s pick up on danger or threats before others. Even if they are not present. 6s can worry too much.

Often, 6s grow up with instability which influences their need for security later in life. Wing of 5 (the Observer/Investigator) creates a strong Defender, and Wing of 7 (the Epicure/Enthusiast) creates a strong Buddy.

6s are members of the Head triad, meaning their responses and decision making comes more thoughtfully to them (as opposed to instinctually [Gut] or emotionally [Heart]). In stress, 6s lean into the 3 (Performer/Achiever), desiring more material achievements and money to build a protective wall around them, often pretending to be someone they’re not in order to appear together and secure in themselves. This behavior will limit their potential. In support, 6s lean into the 9 (Mediator/Peacemaker) maintaining calm, quelling their worries, and keeping a much more open mind to positive possibilities.

Common occupations of Enneagram 6s include (but are not limited to) bankers, police, caregivers, accountants, nurses, administrative assistants, professors, paralegals, tax and patent lawyers, and veterinarians. Quite the spread! Remember - this is the tip of the iceberg, folks. Enneagram 6s are wonderful and loyal friends who will make sure to keep everyone safe. Just help them by reminding them to enjoy the present moment and try not to project worry into future events that haven’t happened, so they get the most out of life.

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