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Enneagram Type 7

Enneagram 7s - Enthusiasts. Epicures. 7s’ primary motivation is satisfaction. To a 7, being in a state of constant happiness is safe. 7s are optimistic, incredibly fun, and entrepreneurial. 7s are masters at reframing hard situations in a better light. They love staying busy, exploring new opportunities, and ideating. 7s are driven by pleasurable experiences and do not enjoy limits.

The shadow side of 7 has incredible difficulty dealing with real life and emotions as they come, so they suppress the hard stuff. This can lead to addictive behaviors such as self-medicating through drugs, alcohol or gambling to mask the emotion. They can also use their positive spins on bad situations to manipulate others. 7s will often start projects but once the joyfulness and newness of the project wanes or gets harder, walk away and start something new, leaving the project undone and leaving a reputation of lack of execution.

As children, 7s likely experienced some sort of abandonment that caused them great pain, and created an aversion to dealing with hard emotions. Not addressing these hard emotions becomes a life long coping mechanism.

Wing of 6 (the Loyalist/Questioner) creates a strong Pathfinder, and Wing of 8 (the Boss/Challenger) creates a strong Seeker. 7s are members of the Head triad, meaning their responses and decision making comes more thoughtfully to them (as opposed to instinctually [Gut] or emotionally [Heart]). In stress, 7s lean into shadow 1 (Reformer/Perfectionist) becoming judgmental, and argumentative, often perceived to have a superiority complex. In support, 7s lean into 5 (the Investigator/Observer) slowing down, internalizing emotion and processing all the feelings, staying authentic to real life.

Common occupations of Enneagram 7s include (but are not limited to) entrepreneurs, corporate executives, park rangers, coaches, photographers, designers, bartenders, tour guides, artists and chefs. Quite the spread! Remember - this is the tip of the iceberg, folks. Enneagram 7s are some of the most fun and optimistic friends.

Support them by reminding them to slow down and that it’s ok and healthy to feel the hard stuff too.

If you find yourself wanting more information about the Enneagram, consider taking my online introductory course which will give you a more in depth overview, and provide a path to help you discover your type!

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