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Forgiveness is Freedom

A picture says 1000 words, doesn’t it? Look at this sweet baby. Sitting on a pile of stuff, with a gate behind her. She looks adorable, but how metaphorical for all of us?

Our sweet little divine souls sitting on top of a pile of stuff that is creating barriers that stifle our growth and ability to receive love and experience life.

We get hurt. Sometimes we get hurt even before we develop memory. For most of us, it’s not something others intentionally set out to do. It’s the effect of the cause of something that happened to them. It’s the cycle of life and legacy.

When the painful things happen to us, we can choose to blame and let it control our lives. When we make this choice- sometimes consciously and sometimes subconsciously, we create barriers to our own growth and our own ability to give and receive love. And the saddest part? We pass the legacy on.

Forgiveness is an act of radical self-love. It is not an act of love for the one who caused you pain. What you harbor toward them affects them a lot less than it affects you. The rage, sadness, blame - that is a place of being stuck. It keeps you from your birthright of freedom.

What does forgiveness look like? Letting go. Choosing love. Love for yourself, and acceptance of the situation or the one who caused you pain for what or who they are. Extending love to them - even if just in the form of allowing them to be and understanding they’re not for you to judge. Empathy. Grace.

What happens when we forgive? We stop the legacy of pain that was passed to us.

When we forgive, we become free - which is the ultimate preparation for receiving the abundance which was meant for us.



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