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On Helping and Being Helped

Good morning. Listen. We all needed these cute baby photos today. I think a lot of us are feeling the vibe of the second picture (pandemic-ed out). (For Leigh, it’s teething blues- 4 molars at once 💀).

In any event, this is all to say the following:

⭐️Sometimes we are the helpers

⭐️Sometimes we need the help

I am in a season of life where my tool kit is strong and I’ve done a lot of processing, so I’m able to help. Holding space and sending prayers for you if you need it. ❤️ DM if you need specific prayers or words of encouragement. Happy to provide. ❤️

🙏🏻If you are a helper, please make sure others know it. ⭐️⭐️ It’s ok to offer - especially when you know someone who really needs it.

🙏🏻If you need help, please make sure others know it. ⭐️⭐️ It’s ok to ask. Helpers are ready, and sometimes they just don’t know where to look.

We have to continue lifting each other and being lifted by each other. This is part of experiencing life. It’s part of feeling alive. It’s part of surviving. We can’t do it without each other.

Giving and receiving are equal acts of love.

Leave a ❤️ if you can give or receive today.


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