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The Withdrawing Stance

Greetings friends! Next, we have the Withdrawing Stance, so the next 3 posts will be understanding the 3 types within this stance. If you find yourself wanting more information about the Enneagram, consider taking my online introductory course which will give you a more in depth overview, and provide a path to help you discover your type!

The 9 Enneagram archetypes (a fancy way of saying numbers or types) are divided into 3 stances. Dependent, Withdrawing and Aggressive. The Withdrawing Stance is composed of three personality archetypes: 4, 5 and 9. People with a withdrawing stance are very reflective, often more introverted, extremely thoughtful, a bit reticent and less motivated to act- being more repressed in the area of doing. They can have a tendency to leave loose ends undone. If this sounds relatable, I encourage you to read the upcoming three posts and learn more about the three archetypes within the Dependent stance. Remember - this is a very simple synopsis. The Withdrawing stance is deeply layered, but this should give you a general understanding and idea.

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