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Virtual Coffee Sessions Now Available!

We all have our superpowers.

I have always been a safe and trusted place where others feel like they can share. I listen and then ask (sometimes gently uncomfortable) questions to help friends work through what they’re feeling resistance with.

This is different than therapy (please note I am not a therapist) because these sessions are like having a wonderful and rich conversation about what you want, with a friend, over coffee. Where this experience is similar to therapy is that you are in a safe, confidential, judgment-free environment where you, just as you are, are welcome and invited.

I do have a coaching certification in quantum energy, an extensive Enneagram coaching background, and a prior career in business and law, and I am happy to bring those tools to the table too, but sometimes what people really need is just a trusted friend that will be real with them. Over coffee, of course. This is what you can expect from me.

I am now offering two time slots a week for this very purpose. If you need me, you can book a time and we will sit down for virtual coffee and work through what’s holding you back.

For a limited time, sessions are only $99 and you can book yours here. ✌🏻

📸: @tashapinelophoto

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