So you've done the Enneagram work and you're ready for more? 

Or maybe you just want to start here?

We will work on Quantum Energy manifesting practices to get your compass adjusted so that you are going in the direction of your dreams and thriving!

Quantum Energy is founded on the idea that our thoughts are energy that attract like energy. When we experience a thought paired with an emotion we emit a vibrational frequency into the universe. That frequency returns like energy to us, and we grow in the direction of our vibration. We do this subconsciously all the time. 


You may have heard of this by way of learning about the Law of Attraction. Guess what though? The exciting thing about manifestation is that it is so much more than The Law of Attraction.

We explore how we can move attraction from our subconscious to our conscious. How our words affect our lives. We look at the pure potential we live in and explore the possibilities we never imagined for ourselves. We learn the art of allowing and surrender, and how to shift into what we want through our vibration and emotion, which will manifest outcomes beyond our wildest dreams. This work is FUN, expansive and for anyone who is ready to return to the divine energy they were born with. 


You can do this through private coaching or by attending one of my 7 Universal Law quarterly 7-week group workshop sessions, or even in-person Abundance Intensives. There is something for everyone!